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Simply Taste Better

Scores of foodservice operations throughout the western U.S. are converting to Truitt beans for some very basic reasons. Put simply, our beans are:

  • Low Sodium – our beans are 140 mg (most others have sodium levels as high as 550 mg)
  • Certified Sustainable – both Truitt and our growers are certified sustainable by the Food Alliance
  • Local / Regional – our beans are grown in central Washington and processed in Salem OR (central Washington grows the best beans in the country because it is so arid)
  • All-Natural – our products contain no artificial firming or coloring agents like EDTA or ferrous gluconate, which can give beans a “tinny” taste (ours are wholly natural)
  • 100% Transparency – each can is 100% traceable from a Food Alliance certified grower through processing to you

These qualities convey the simple fact that Truitt beans have better taste, flavor, texture, appearance and overall product quality than anything else we’ve encountered in the marketplace. Chefs and dieticians in healthcare and hospitals, colleges, universities, K-12 districts and all manner of other businesses can vouch for this. They have cut our products against others and made the switch!

Contact us or your distributor rep and you can do the same!


Pack Size Item Weight UPC

6/#10 Premium Black Beans 108 oz. 085836000511

6/#10 Premium Garbanzo Beans 108 oz. 085836000514

6/#10 Premium Kidney Beans 108 oz. 085836000513

6/#10 Premium Pinto Beans 108 oz. 085836000512

6/#10 Premium Navy Beans 108 oz. 085836000515


Packed in nothing but sea salt, water and natural ingredients, our beans offer clean, simple flavor.