1.90 oz Hummus product formulation statement
1.75oz-Fiesta-Chili-Lime product formulation statement
1.75oz-Hummus product formulation statement
K-12 Sell Sheet
26 Menu Solutions for Hummus & Dippers
Nutritional - 1.90oz-Traditional-Hummus
Nutritional 1.75oz-Dippers-Fiesta Chili Lime
K12 testimonials for 1.9oz Hummus and 1.75ozDippers
Directions for conducting taste tests with students
Summary of K-12 Oregon Taste Test
Summary of K-12 California Taste Test
K-12 Chili-Sell-Sheet
Natural Chili MPFS & Nutrition Panel
Mild Chili MPFS & Nutrition Panel
K12_Take-A-Dip-HUMMUS Poster -8X14
K12_Take-A-Dip-CHILI LIME Poster -8X14
K12_Dare-To-Dunk-HUMMUS Poster -8X14
K12_Dare-To-Dunk-CHILI LIME Poster-8X14


#10 Canned-Bean sell sheet
#10-Canned-Beans-nutrition facts
All Product-Sell-Sheet
Nutritional - Snack Pack -Traditional-Hummus
Nutritional - Snack Pack - Chili Lime


Hummus-Dippers Sell-Sheet