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Grab-and-Good TRU FLAVORS Dippers®

A culinary cup for wherever life takes you.

The perfect on-the-go protein, Tru Flavors Dippers® are made with bean puree and Greek yogurt mixed with herbs and spices. No preservatives, no shenanigans. And we make it easy...no need to refrigerate until you open it – the ultimate in hide-and-sneak nutrition.

Enjoy wherever life takes you!

Tru Flavors Fiesta Chili Lime Dippers

Tru Flavors Dippers®
Fiesta Chili Lime


Apple Cinnamon Dippers

Tru Flavors Dippers®
Apple Cinnamon


Roasted Poblano Cheddar Dippers

Tru Flavors Dippers®
Roasted Poblano Cheddar


Psst...stay tuned. We have more Tru Flavors Dippers® coming soon...(oh yeah!)

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