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Peter's Mission

Food-Making with a Conscience

At Truitt Family Foods, we treat our customers, employees, and growers right.

We are obsessed with how are products are grown, harvested and processed, and how we can improve our methods and practices to better serve our customers and the environment.

Our mission is Foods that Make a Difference® – enjoy a healthy food that’s good for you and good for the planet.


Our beans are grown in the Pacific Northwest and made delicious in Salem, Oregon.


No nonsense. No shenanigans. Just clean and simple ingredients. (And naturally yum.)


Our beans are traceable from a sustainable family farm through processing to you.

Our responsibility

Sustainability to us is driven by our obsession with making foods that make a difference in human health. It starts there and goes to where we source all of our beans, rooted in the same ethic.

Our promise

The path to sustainability began with a commitment to stewardship of the land, its resources and its citizens.

Provide safe and fair working conditions

Ensure the health and humane treatment of animals

No use of hormones or non-therapeutic antibiotics

No genetically modified crops or livestock

Reduce pesticide use and toxicity

Protect soil and water quality

Protect and enhance wildlife habitat

Continuously improve management practices



Truitt Family Foods founder Peter Truitt was a wide-eyed twenty-something when he first spied the 100-year-old cannery on the Willamette River in Salem, OR.

In the 40 years since he bought it, he’s shaped it into a modern facility that takes local, natural ingredients and turns them into high-quality, shelf-stable food...the old fashioned way.


Salem Oregon's on the map!

Tru Flavors® start here...Salem, Oregon.

We chose the finest quality beans from the Pacific Northwest for our Tru Flavors® to be enjoyed wherever life takes you.